A Vegan Pantry

A Vegan Pantry

What to keep in a plant-based pantry?

If you’re new to the vegan world you might find yourself lost in the supermarket. The meat and dairy isles are no longer ones you will go down and you might feel like you’re missing out on ‘real’ food. Fret not, we will lay down a few new foundations for you to keep in your vegan pantry.

The Vegan Proteins

Long are the days when your vegetables will be accompanied by a pile of rotting animal flesh (Gross, right?). So how do you fill that space? There are some obvious choices – tofu recipes, seitan, and tempeh are the proteins that usually come to mind. And they’re great choices – but let’s talk nonperishables that you can always have on hand.


These are a great source of protein – 18g per 240ml. They also contain have of your daily intake of fiber along with a tonne of other benefits such as having high amounts of folate, manganese, and iron. There is a whole world of dishes you can make – try this dahl recipe, it is simple to make and delicious!

Beans and Legumes

On average they have about 15g per 240ml and are a great source for carbohydrates, fiber, and iron. Try this vegetarian chili to curb your winter cravings.

Vegan ‘Dairy’

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional what? This will be something you ALWAYS have in your cupboard. Despite its inglorious name, it has a natural ‘cheese-like’ flavor to it. It is also a rich source of B12 – a vitamin that can be difficult to source on a plant-based diet. You can make an amazing Queso dip, use it in a pasta dish or simply use it as a replacement for parmesan. There are a tonne of recipes. Check out this article to find recipes that use nutritional yeast! 

Plant-based milk

There is no shortage of dairy-free milk these days. Almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk – the list goes on and on. Try different kinds and see which one you like best. Almond milk tends to be very neutral in taste, coconut milk has a bit of a sweetness and cashew milk has a real creaminess. My personal preference is cashew milk! Find your favorite!


This tends to be difficult for many people but the plant-based cheese alternatives have really come a long way. Like a really, really long way. Do you want pizza? Have you tried Daiya pizzas that you can keep in the freezer? There is cream cheese, cashew cheese, almond cheese – the list goes on and on. Try some out – there is surely some you will like and be able to keep at home. 

This, of course, is just a very small list of items that you need in a vegan pantry. To get a complete checklist of items you typically find in a vegan pantry click here

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