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Choose what you want to pay upfront and then customize your box.
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Choose from tonnes of brands and flavours
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We have a huge range of snacks to choose from.
We truly have snacks for everybody.


Make someone feel extra special with
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Add gift wrapping to make a special occasion extra special.

About our Customizable Snack Box

Our customizable snack box is perfect for those who like freedom of choice! We know that everyone has unique needs and tastes. That’s why a one-snack-box fits all approach won’t work for everyone. We want you to have precisely what you want! Pick and choose the snacks you like and leave the ones you don’t. Create your unique snack box by choosing the box size, the box price, and of course, your snacks. We believe in being completely upfront, this is why there aren’t any hidden extra fees at the checkout  – what you see is what you get. 

All of our products are high-quality and full-size snacks. We won’t send you a bunch of sample-size products like some other companies. If we include samples – they are an added bonus to your custom snack box. 

We have endless possibilities in our customizable snack boxes. Shopping for a picky eater? A chocolate lover? A gym buff? Or someone with allergy requirements? You can filter our snacks for all of these requirements to create a personal and unique snack box that is perfectly tailored to the intended receiver. 

Even with all of our options, we know that sometimes you need more choices to find your perfect snack box. If you can’t find your perfect fit with our filters, get in contact and one of our snack specialists will be happy to help you create your perfectly customized snack box. 

Why choose our Customizable Snack Box

Free Shipping and no other hidden fees at checkout. What you see is what you get!​

We cater to your unique requirements. Filter by allergy or dietary needs.​

We ship within 2 days using UPS or Purorlator to ensure quality and timely delivery.

All of our snack boxes are vegan and cruelty free so you can feel good about your purchase!​

Freedom of choice. Choose from a one-time or recurring snack box. ​

Bulk pricing for large quantities - perfect for employees or colleagues. ​

Our Customizable Snack boxes are perfect for

Students away at college or professionals who are away.

For your remote employees to give them extra support and motivation.

For yourself! Everyone deserves some self_love!

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