The quantity of items in one box is variable depending on the size of the box and what items we currently are adding. For our Regular Vegan Snack Box, we have anywhere from 6-8 items. Our Large Vegan Snack Box can range from 8-12.  We ensure all of our vegan snack boxes are consistant in value so the difference in items is dependant on the size and cost of the products within the box.

Unfortunately offering refunds on food items is not possible as these items cannot be resold. However, if there is  a problem with your snack box, or you do not receive the package, please let us know and we will be sure to make it right.

We aim to have the item with you within a week. This can depend on where you live in North America. We ship from the West Coast so closer you are, the quicker your item will arrive.  We dispatch all items within 2 business days.

At the moment we are limited to shipping our snack boxes within North America but plan to expand in the near future

We offer custom boxes for orders of 10 snack boxes and over. Please contact to inquire.