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Vegan Protein Box

What's in the box?

We want you to try every vegan protein snack out there! Every month we create a new vegan protein box with fresh products for you to try. In our monthly and bi-monthly snack boxes we have 8-10 full size and 2-4 sample size products to try. These vegan snacks include: energy bars, savoury bites, protein cookies, protein gummies, protein bars and so much more. Every month is a surprise!

One Time Purchase

Not ready to commit? No problem! You can purchase a one-time vegan snack box without a subscription. This will be sent out for delivery 1-2 days from your order date.


Ready to save some money? Our subscription plans are simple. You can choose to receive your vegan snack box every month or every other month. Whichever suits you! Your first order will be shipped 1-2 days after purchasing your subscription.  We automatically process your order and ship your subscription box the 15th of the month.. You can cancel your subscription anytime, no questions asked!



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