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VeganFitKit’s favourite vegan restaurants: Vancouver and Toronto edition

Vegan restaurants and vegan cuisine has come a long way in recent years. With an increase in popularity for veganism and cruelty-free lifestyles, we’ve seen amazing vegan restaurants pop up in every major city. From class vegan fare to the newest trendy hot spot, we’ve compiled our favourite vegan restaurants in both Toronto and Vancouver. 

In this list, we’ve focused on vegan restaurants who offer non-traditional vegan fare outside of the typical plant-based restaurants you’ve come to expect. The restaurants on this list are taking a unique approach to vegan and plant-based dining and integrating a number of flavours, cultural cuisines and adventurous menus to your standard vegan fare. 

Do you have a favourite vegan restaurant in Vancouver or Toronto that we may have missed? Let us know in the comment section below. 



This vegan hot spot in Vancouver is a top location for a plant-based spin on non-vegan dishes you’d find at your favourite restaurant. BeetBox features plant-based burgers, handhelds like wraps and sandwiches and even fried chick-un! All 100% plant-based, vegetarian and vegan – how cool is that? BeetBox offers dine-in as well as online ordering for delivery and pickup. BeetBox offers a unique dining space in Vancouver’s West End and is the perfect spot for lunch that fits your vegan free lifestyle and your midday cravings!

Our recommendation: Satisfy your pub grub cravings the vegan way with BeetBox’s 

chili cheeze fries and crispy gordita! 


1074 Davie Street
West End, Vancouver, BC
(604) 233-8269
Website: https://www.beetboxveg.com/


As many vegan foodies will know, finding quality vegan desserts can often be a challenge. To satisfy your sweet tooth, Umaluma has created a range of dairy-free,vegan friendly gelato in a wide range of flavours including Mint Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Drunken Cherry and Blood Orange Jalapeno Jelly. With over 35 flavours, Umaluma’s flavour rotation is always changing and even offers a selection of sugar free gelato, coffees and sorbettos.

Not from Vacnouver? Umaluma offers their famous gelato in prepackaged pints in stores across British Columbia. See a full list of locations at umaluma.com/where-to-buy and order online on SkipTheDishes!

Our recommendation: We love a more adventurous gelato flavour and Umaluma’s fruit based gelatos offer a range of flavours sure to satisfy any craving. Our favourites include Vancouver Sunset, Dark Secrets and Umaluma Love. 

Location: 235 East Pender Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 559-5862
Website: https://www.umaluma.com/

The Acorn

Named the best vegan eatery in the world on the Big Seven Travel’s list of 50 Best Vegan Restaurants in the World, the Acorn is a vegetable-forward restaurant that prides itself on innovative vegan cuisine. The Acorn’s creative three-course dining experience is based on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

Our recommendation: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Acorn has created a new feature called the Acorn Market. With the aim to connect customers with organic, farm to table ingredients and craft BC beverages, the Acorn Market offers daily contact-less pickup for make-at-home meals and prepared snacks. We love the Acorn Pancake Brunch Kit for a delicious vegan brunch at home complete with wildflower syrup! 

3995 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 566-9001
Website: https://www.theacornrestaurant.ca/

Chau Veggie Express

Chau Veggie Express is a plant-based restaurant that offers a range of authentic Vietnamese foods with a vegan focus. Their approach to vegan food is rooted in community and their menu is strongly influenced and inspired by Vietnamese culture. They advocate for a holistic wellness approach and even sell wellness products such as crystal intention kits, essential oils and 100% certified natural soaps in their retail space. 

The Chau Veggie Express menu ranges from hearty, filling dishes like their Rice Fields Bowl or Sapa Power Salad to tasty starters like the Namahata Fresh Rolls or Baisao Beach Chips. 

Our recommendation: We love the dynamic range of Chau Veggies Express’ bowls. With unique ingredients and flavour blends, these heart vegan meals are unique and an excellent option for a wide range of tastes and preferences. Our favourite is the Tropical Rainstorm Bowl – a power bowl consisting of thick rice noodles, various vegetables, mung beans, crispy shallots, mint, peanuts, coconut flakes and a creamy coconut & lemon vegan fish sauce. This bowl is gluten-free, vegan friendly and a great source of plant-based protein. 


Chau Veggie Express (East Vancouver)
5052 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-9508

Chau Veggie Express (Granville Island Public Market)
1689 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC
(778) 379-9508
Website: https://www.chowatchau.ca/


Hog Town Vegan

Although we love our plant-based diet, sometimes you just need some classic junk food. Hog Town Vegan’s multiple locations across the GTA specializes in vegan junk food and brunch for some guilt-free indulgence. This vegan restaurant is sure to please even your non-vegan friends with burgers, handhelds and a range of starter snacks. 

Our recommendation: The possibilities are endless at Hog Town Vegan. We love the fried soy wings, mac n’ cheez, unChicken and Waffles and our personal favourite the Phish ‘n Chips. Hog Town is also available for delivery through DoorDash and UberEats so you’ll always be able to satisfy that junk food craving the vegan way. 


Hog Town Vegan (On College)
382 College Street
Toronto, ON
(416) 546-7900


Hog Town Vegan (Original Location)
1056 Bloor Street
Toronto, ON
(416) 901-9779

Website: https://www.thehogtownvegan.com/

Rosalinda Restaurant

Rosalinda is a vegan Mexican restaurant in the heart of Toronto’s Financial District and boasts a fresh, plant-based menu, elegant decor and Instagrammable dining space. Their menu offers a vegan twist on Mexican favourites such as churros, tacos, and power bowls. While not currently open for dine-in service, Rosalind offers contact-less pick up, delivery and delivery kits including Cook, Assemble + Share options like a vegan taco kit and a chilaquiles verde kit. 

Our recommendations: Rosalind is best known for their vegan spin on traditional Mexican fare including their tacos and bowls. We also highly recommend trying a Mexican Coke or Ting with your meal for a truly authentic experience. And don’t forget the Churros!

133 Richmond Street W
Toronto, ON
(416) 907-0650

Website: http://www.rosalindarestaurant.com/


Doomies & Bar Vegandale

A well-known Toronto favourite, Doomies in Bar Vegandale in the trendy Parkdale neighbourhood is a vegan restaurant that has crossed over to mainstream popularity. With a vegan take on popular comfort foods, Doomies is your go-to for vegan food with a trendy restaurant vibe and plant-based menu. Their menu is popular with even the picky non-vegans out there!

Our recommendations: This is our favourite spot for vegan burgers and plant-based fast food. Make sure you try some of their classic menu items like the Classic Vegan Burger, and their more unique items like the Messy Waffle Pizza and Peanut Butter and Bacon Vegan Burger. 


1265 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
(416) 533-7359


Apiecalypse Now!

Vegan food doesn’t need to be boring and Apiecalypse Now! in Toronto proves that! With a cool, down-to-earth vibe in their restaurant, the menu on Apiecalypse Now! is a  mix of classic pizza joint with a plant-based focus. All pizza dough and sauces are made fresh in store using local ingredients from across Ontario. Each pizza is brushed with a vegan, soy-free butter and a special smokey faux-bacon coconut grease called “vegan magic” for an authentic pizzeria taste. No sacrificing your love for pizza here!

Our recommendations: Whether you’re a classic or adventurous pizza lover, Apiecalypse Now! has the pizza for every taste. We love the Toronto Island, Mac & Charlie and Reunion Tour pizzas. They also offer unique pizza specials so you’ll never be without a new pie to try. And did we mention their amazing range of vegan dipping sauces? Get a selection of sauces to try with your pizza, we promise you won’t regret it!


735 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON
(416) 516-4555


Have a favourite spot we didn’t highlight? Let us know in the comments!

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